Michael Evdemon

Michael was born in Athens. He was a student of Giotis kiourtzoglou, George Fakanas and Anthony Jackson. He has participated in clinics from Tom kenedy, Victor Wooten, Mike Stern to Billy Sheehan and many more.

But most of his knowledge on harmony, theory and technique was developed by his own effort. His method and way of thinking are embossed in his book "The Organization of the Musical Information". The book is actually a guide for organizing and realizing the learning process through the combination of the scientific truths regarding the way our brain works and the deep understanding of how the instrument (bass) is used in order to express feelings.

He has collaborated with Alex Foster, Brice Wassy, Tony Royster Jr, Gergo Borlai, Virgil Donati, Ralf Gottlieb, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, MILO Z, Bodek Janke, Kristian Randalu. He has toured all over Greece, played for most of the theaters in the country, participated in big musicals and experimental theatrical performances. He has toured in the U.S. (New York, Chicago, Atlantic City and Boston); In Europe Italy (Trieste , Venice, Florence), UK (Liverpool, London, Briton, Nottingham, Cardiff), Belgium (Brussels), Croatia (Zagreb), Austria (Vienna), Germany (Cologne), Istanbul and Cyprus.

He has participated in numerous jazz bands where he has written music for and performed in most of the jazz festivals in Greece. He has written music for John Raptis group: The Circle (2005), Jazznovation (2008), O3 jazz trio: Supercharged (2013) and Good Demons (2014).

He teaches El. Bass, theory and harmony at Lab Music Education in Athens.

He is very active in collaborating with numerous jazz musicians while he also conducts educational seminars.

Michael is endorsed by Gamma Guitar Workshop and Jam Pedals.